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Up To The Beat is designed to help women take their fitness journey beyond the sweat. With my signature fun music-led workouts, zero fad weight loss to wellness programs and a community that will uplift you every step of the way; this is what it feels like to live your most upbeat life.
  • Struggling to stay motivated?
  • Feel like you’re in a fitness funk?
  • Are you exhausted from losing and regaining the same weight?
  • It’s time to find JOY in your journey.


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MY 4-step

Jump into JOY with your movement and find FLEXIBILITY with your food with my unique online weight loss & wellness program.

  • program step icon Conquer your cravings, eat without guilt and never feel deprived again
  • program step icon Move with mojo. Workout plans that put the fun back in fitness
  • program step icon We are stronger together. We’ve got your back every step of the way
  • program step icon Create lasting change, so that you lose weight and never find it again




Gina B.

As a professional ballroom dancer turned certified fitness trainer, nutrition coach and full time motivator, my mission is to help you create a relationship of JOY with movement and FLEXIBILITY with food so that you can achieve life-changing results on your weight loss to wellness journey.
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testimonial group what theyre saying
  • “I’ve lost 22 pounds and I have cancelled my gym membership! I’m facing a health issue with my heart and continue to workout to keep my heart strong to get through this issue without a hitch. Thank you Gina and Up to the Beat Fitness! Your workouts keep me focused on the future.”

    — Effie. S

  • “I lost more than 8kg just by doing your exercises daily. My friends and colleagues asked me what I did and I told them that I just followed Gina B's Up to the Beat Fitness”

    — Torin. W

  • “Love love love these workouts! Gina is like a ray of sunshine coming into my home and all the music is great – these videos are so much better than the dance classes at my gym. Thank you SO much, Gina!”

    — Valeria. D.M

  • “I feel so much healthier and have lost 14lbs since following Gina. Her assistance with nutrition and workout videos have given me so much motivation!”

    — Emily. V

  • “I’m down 48 pounds!! There is no way this would have happened without Gina, the Tribe and all the support and inspiration.”

    — Debbie. W

  • “The workouts, Zero To Thrive program and the UpBEat Tribe have inspired me to keep moving forward especially when it gets hard. I am so thankful for the support and inspiration! Gina truly is the ultimate motivator”

    — Erica. R


Whether the wins are big or small, scale or non-scale, each step of the way needs to be celebrated and I’ll be your no.1 cheerleader and ultimate motivator!

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