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 July 2022 Intake SOLD OUT!  Next Round Begins January 2023!

My 12 week LIVE group coaching program that teaches you how much to eat, what to eat & how to eat for weight loss so that you never have to start another “diet” again.

Life is too short not to THRIVE!


  • You’re done with extreme diets that you can NEVER stick to.

    My philosophy is zero elimination and all about moderation. I want you to have your cake AND lose weight too.

  • You’re tired of
    doing it alone.

    Accountability and support is the foundation of your success. Through live weekly coaching calls with Gina, check-ins and community, you’re guided every step of the way.

  • You’ve tried many times but haven’t had long-lasting results.

    When you enjoy what you do, you’ll stick to it long-term. With my signature workouts, forget getting bored, you’ll find joy in the journey.


What if I told you that everything you’ve been sold about weight loss… is wrong. We’re sold that losing weight has to miserable and restrictive.

TRUTHBOMB. The reason you haven’t been able to lose weight and keep it off is because you have never been given the right tools to do so. That’s all about to change…

When you finally understand the whole ecosystem that contributes to weight loss (because it really is a multitude of factors) you can say goodbye to fad diets that only ever address the surface level.

Finally say no to restriction and instead celebrate eating your favourite food without fear. Let me show you that you can have it all whilst still achieving your goals.

MY 3-step System

  • Step 1


    A foundational tool when it comes to weight loss is knowing how many calories your individual body needs. Start by learning how much you need to eat for weight loss without eliminating the foods you love. Understand how to portion control so you don’t have to count calories forever. Embrace flexible eating (with the 80/20 method) and start the journey towards food freedom.
  • Step 2


    Move from knowing calories to knowing nutrients. We dive into what we eat and I teach you about 4 the building blocks of food; protein, fibre, carbohydrates & fats. Drop the fads and get ready to master how to pick and portion them appropriately and appreciate why each is essential for you to thrive!
  • Step 3


    Ever experienced cravings? Eating when bored or upset? Eat on the run or so fast that you can’t move afterwards? All of these scenarios affect weight loss and learning the tools to manage them is an overlooked but KEY step in the process to creating sustainable long-term healthy habits. Learn how our emotions dictate food choices, how to manage them and eat mindfully.



    Get the tools you need to succeed each week delivered straight to your inbox. With Gina B’s weekly LIVE coaching calls & e-books, you'll get a small step nutrition & movement challenge to action each week so that you put everything you’re learning into practice.

    A group program with an INDIVIDUALIZED approach, because no two people are the same! With a strong focus on COMMUNITY so you’re not on the journey alone.

    Here’s the clincher… we're with you every step of the way, not just via video but LIVE. Through weekly LIVE Zoom sessions and accountability check-ins, we’ll support and guide you every step of the way to stay on track to your goals.




  • Weekly Guides & Workbooks

  • Check-ins & Accountability

  • LIVE weekly Q+A

  • An epic community to support you



    Week 1: Calories Count
    Get ready to dive right into understanding and calculating how much energy YOUR body needs to be in a calorie deficit for weight loss or maintenance.

    Week 2: Building the Structure
    We look at your calorie budget and plan it around your lifestyle. Hit your targets and make it work for you.

    Week 3: Abandon the Fun Food Guilt
    Abandon labels, shame and guilt placed on certain types of food and get ready to enjoy- guilt free ‘fun food’ eating into your week.

    Week 4: Full Circle
    Learn how to move beyond calorie counting but still be flexible and free in eating and achieving weight loss goals.


    Week 5: Power of Protein
    If calories are king, then protein is our queen. The protein component of your nutrition is key when it comes to weight loss goals.

    Week 6: Carbs are Cool
    It’s Official: Carbohydrates Are Cool Again. They’ve had a bad rap for years, but I’m going to show you why they should be appearing regularly in your diet.

    Week 7: Fibre Fix
    Fibre is most definitely the unsung nutrient hero. Not only does it have multitudes of health benefits, it’s an essential part of any weight loss journey.

    Week 8: Fats are Fabulous
    Do you have a fear of fats? Let’s bust the myth that fat makes you fat. Instead see how different types of fat can be great for you and support your weight loss journey.


    Week 9: Hunger and Fullness
    Reconnect to your hunger and fullness cues, so you can begin to fully recognize and trust your body’s signals again.

    Week 10: P.A.C.E Yourself
    This week we are slowing it down and eliminating all distractions to become more mindful with our meals. Here we make a reservation for you and your meal, and really ENJOY every bite!

    Week 11: Emotional Eating
    Take back control of your cravings by using my method of assessing your emotions and how these may be impacting your food choices.

    Week 12: Sleep + Stress
    Learn the principles of optimising sleep and managing stress and how important these are in contributing to your food choices.



= $132 usd/month

Sold Out

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= LESS THAN $5 usd/DAY

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  • “I have achieved results beyond my goal. The knowledge I gained will stay with me for life. I have more energy, finally able to sleep and now make sensible food choices, while still enjoying my fun foods. It’s so great to finally work with someone who’s been where you’ve been. Gina is with you every step of the way.”

    — Gloria. M

  • “This program is life changing!!!!! The information is so uplifting and about lifestyle! This is not a diet program, but a way to continue living your life everyday. A true game changer for changing habits to create a healthier lifestyle!”

    — Susan. T

  • “I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am that I found Gina B and this challenge. I feel so empowered to take back my health and make myself a priority!”

    — Amanda. S

  • “By joining Gina B's up beat tribe and Zero To Thrive program, I have finally changed my life. I'm losing weight and keeping it off. I'm working out because I enjoy it not because I have to. If you are looking for a way to lose weight and keep it off forever, this is the place to be! Real results happen here!”

    — Alexis. S

  • “I’ve lost a total of 20 pounds! I used to be the person who would skip every fun food day at work and pass on eating out all the time. Now with the foundational tools Gina has given me in this program, I have such a better mindset and relationship with food, it’s made a lifelong impact. Weight loss and exercise doesn’t have to be miserable!”

    — Nicole. A

  • “Small changes made such a huge impact in my life. I’ve learned so much from Zero To Thrive, this was truly life changing for me! I feel great and for the first time in a very long time”

    — Susan. R


Here are just a few RESULTS from Zero To Thrive, your success story is next!


  • When does Zero To Thrive begin? + -

    There are only 2 intakes this year and they usually sell out fast! The next intake will be in July 25th 2022, so stay tuned for more details! Doors to purchase will begin from July 14th!

  • How long is Zero To Thrive? + -

    It is split into 3 steps. Each step of the program is 4 weeks, so the entire program will be 12 weeks altogether.

  • Can I buy each Step separately? + -

    No, in my experience of previously running Zero To Thrive separately, the best results were always with those who completed all components. So we’ve made the decision to only run Zero To Thrive as 12 week, 3 Step, all inclusive program.

  • How is Zero To Thrive run? + -

    It is delivered with a mix of virtual live calls via Zoom, videos and PDFs delivered to your inbox weekly to download and the community of participants checking in via the private program Facebook group.

  • How long will I have access to Zero To Thrive? + -

    For the duration of the 12 weeks, you can access the Facebook group and the links to all the workout calendar playlists. After the program over, there will be a 2 week transition before the group and playlist links will be removed. All of the content such as Gina’s masterclasses, ebooks, workbooks & recorded playbacks of the Live Zoom sessions can be downloaded and kept forever!

  • Can I do this anywhere in the world? + -

    Zero To Thrive is completely delivered virtually. All you need is an internet connection, so that you can participate from anywhere in the world.The weekly Zoom calls are scheduled at different times to accommodate different time zones, and the recordings are posted afterwards. All other material is delivered straight to your inbox via email.

  • How are the weekly live Zoom coaching sessions with Gina run? + -

    Every week you will be invited to attend a live, one hour coaching call held over Zoom. You can join via your phone, tablet or computer.

  • Will everyone see me on the call? + -

    Only if you choose to turn your camera video ON in your settings. Otherwise the attendees only see Gina.

  • What if I miss the live coaching calls? + -

    The live coaching calls are scheduled at two different times to accommodate different time zones, and you will be sent the replay of each call which you can watch at your convenience.

  • Do you offer a payment plan? + -

    Yes, there is an option to pay in 3 monthly installments of $147 or pay upfront and the program cost is only $397 (and save 10% this way). I also offer scholarship spots for those experiencing financial hardship every intake at zero cost, so look out for when applications open for this.

  • Do you offer refunds? + -

    Yes, within the first 30 days of the program you can receive a refund if you provide proof that you have completed all of the assigned work in the program.

  • What currency is the price listed in? + -

    U.S. dollars

  • Can I participate in Zero To Thrive if I don't have Facebook? + -

    Yes! All of the program resources can be sent directly to your email address without the need for Facebook.

    However, Facebook is primarily used as the accountability tool to communicate with you each day. This is where you will get the support and encouragement from others in the program and where most of the check-ins are held.

    Another option some previous participants have done is to create a temporary Facebook profile for the duration of the 12 weeks, then delete once over.

  • Will I need equipment? + -

    You will need some basic workout & kitchen equipment such as light dumbbells, kitchen scales, measuring cups/spoons.

    For the technical side of things you will need an internet connection, email address, access to Facebook (as discussed above) and a calorie/macro tracking app.

    I prefer MyFitnessPal, to help track your intake which is a free download, but you can use any free app you like and any device to track your steps (most smartphones have the capability to track your steps via the Health app).

  • Is there a meal plan included? + -

    I don’t believe in strict meal plans. In Zero To Thrive I’ll teach you how to make healthy food choices in real life, so you are empowered with knowledge without the need to depend on a meal plan!

  • I have dietary requirements, does this matter? + -

    Since there is no meal plan you are free to choose foods that suit you and your needs and always have the option to swap ingredients where needed.

  • Can I do Zero To Thrive if I am pregnant or breastfeeding? + -

    Your body has different physical and nutritional needs at this time in your life. In general, weight loss should not be your goal or concern during this phase.

    But sometimes it’s also hard to eat well and exercise in the perinatal period, so there are significant elements in this program that would really benefit you. Pregnancy can be a really mentally challenging time, so the support you’ll get will help you get through!

    But as always, please discuss everything with your doctor/physician during this important time.

  • I have a medical condition / I'm injured. Can I still join Zero To Thrive? + -

    Before commencing any new fitness, health or nutrition program, please consult with your doctor to discuss your individual needs.

    While I am here to provide general advice, you should seek professional help where individual assistance is needed.


Gina B.

As a professional ballroom dancer turned certified fitness trainer, nutrition coach and full time motivator, my mission is to help you create a relationship of JOY with movement and FLEXIBILITY with food so that you can achieve life-changing results on your weight loss to wellness journey.

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= $132 usd/month

Sold Out

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= LESS THAN $5 usd/DAY

Sold Out