Change the way you eat in just
30 days

(and spend less time in the kitchen!)

When it comes to creating good food, preparation is everything.

But planning, shopping, prepping and actually making three healthy meals every single day can feel overwhelming, right?

It doesn’t have to be.

With my 30-day Meal Prep Makeover, you’ll learn the secret to small-step meal prep, which not only saves you time and money, but also keeps your weight-loss and nutrition goals on track.

Each week, we’ll focus on a different meal – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks (for when afternoon hanger strikes).

And for each meal, you’ll get the recipes, tips and tricks to create delicious dishes you’ll cook forever.

And hey, you don’t need fancy equipment or a whole lotta kitchen experience. I’ll cook with you in my weekly online Masterclass, sharp shoot any struggles, and be with you every (small) step of the way!

Does this
sound familiar?

  • You struggle to stick to a diet plan
  • Your day starts with good intentions – and ends with takeaway (with a side order of guilt!)
  • Portion control is just too… hard
  • Sugary or salty snacks are your afternoon go-to
  • After two weeks of being ‘good’, you’re back to your old habits

If this sounds like you, my Meal-Prep Makeover is what you need!

You’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to beat the cravings and make healthy food choices – forever.

What you’ll achieve with your Meal Prep Makeover

  • The know-how to cut cooking time (without cutting back on taste)
  • Ways to manage portion control, without going hungry
  • The confidence to create your own nutritious meals
  • An UpBeat, guilt-free relationship with food (because life’s too short)
  • A supportive community of Preppers who’ve totally got your back
  • A collection of over 50+ recipes to set you up for nutrition success!

Important PSA

We don’t do meal plans– long-term, they’re just too hard to stick to. The Meal Prep Makeover is all about finding flexibility with food, so you learn how to assemble simple meals that YOU personally love!

What you’ll get:

  • Each week you’ll receive a packed-with-info ebook delivered to your inbox, containing:
    • Over 50+ nutritionist-approved recipes in the program & a prep plan for a different meal each week (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks – done!)
    • Practical expert meal-prep tools and skills that cuts time (and calories)
    • Your weekly meal-prep challenge tasks so you can action what you’ve learnt

  • 1 x weekly LIVE Prep & Cook along with me, where I’ll share exclusive tips, hacks and coaching (we can tackle your pain points together)

  • Check-ins to keep you on track (I’m talking weekly Facebook polls and goals, plus time to celebrate your wins)

  • An amazing community sharing tips and experiences – trust me, it’s fun!


Bonus Nutrition 101 ebook (including how to balance a plate for optimum nutrition)

Bonus shopping list template

Bonus menu planning template

Psst… have you seen this?

Here’s a sneak peak of your meal-prep breakdown

  • Week1


    No more all-day Sunday meal prep! Create these easy-brekkie recipes to fuel your day

  • Week 2


    Introduce yourself to the ‘salad bar’ – prep lunch in a flash without compromising on variety or taste

  • Week 3


    Delicious dinner recipes that’ll keep you satisfied till bed

  • Week 4

    Snacks + Treats

    Upgrade your snacking so you’re prepped for “snackcidents” in the healthiest way possible (sweet or savoury – I’ve got you)


testimonial group what theyre saying

here’s what some previous
Preppers have to say…

  • “Meal prep has made it easier to eat more healthy meals on a consistent basis. I’m the past I would just grab something convenient and it usually wasn’t the best choice. Getting the prep done ahead of time has made getting a healthy meal on the table simple.”

    — Susan

  • “I’ve finally learned to meal prep some easy dinner that keep me from going out for fast food!”

    — Angie

  • “Taking away so many hack ideas to make life easier with food preparation.”

    — Karen

  • “It’s very satisfying when I have stuff in the fridge and don’t have to make a decision!”

    — Anne

  • “I am a busy person and having items prepped and ready to go has been wonderful on those mornings when I’m in a hurry to get out the door, also to be able to just throw together a salad quickly.”

    — Trudi

  • “It just took away so much stress trying to decide what I was going to eat!”

    — Angie

  • “Having healthy options readily available is great when life upsets our plans. Because there were meals prepped or healthy food options available, there was no reason to not grab something healthy.”


  • “It has given me more time to do the things I really want to do especially in the morning.”


  • “It has taken so much stress off the mornings and the day ahead!”


  • “The small steps approach has made it SO much easier. I prefer component prepping since it flows better with schedule changes, preference changes etc and is less daunting.”


  • “It removes the last minute stress and decision-making of what can I make for dinner, that’s actually healthy.”


  • “It makes me consider and plan my meals. And helps me have healthy options ready.”


  • “By doing meal prep has helped me to follow through on making healthy decisions. Meal prep has helped me to make better choices and turn these choices into habits.”


  • “When prepared there is no excuse not eat nutrient enriched foods and they can be fun and delicious thanks to Gina!”


Countdown to healthier eating!

The next Meal-Prep Makeover program starts in…

Ok, I’m sold!

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    All this for just


    = LESS THAN $6/DAY


master my small steps approach to eating well – forever!


  • When does the Meal Prep program start?

    The next program will officially kick off on Monday November 7th AEDT, 2022 (this may be a Sunday evening depending on your time zone). This program is only run a few times per year with limited spots, so make sure you don’t miss out!

  • How long does the program run?

    Meal Prep makeover goes for 4 weeks in total + 1 final bonus farewell call in week 5 and 2 more weeks of support in the Facebook group.

  • How is Meal Prep Makeover Run?

    It is delivered with a mix of virtual live calls via Zoom, videos and PDFs delivered to your inbox weekly to download and the community of participants checking in via the private program Facebook group.

  • How long will I have access to the program material?

    For the duration of the 4 weeks, you can access the Facebook group and the links to all the workout calendar playlists. After the program is over, there will be a 2 week transition before the group and playlist links will be removed. All of the content such as Gina’s masterclasses, ebooks, workbooks & recorded playbacks of the Live Zoom sessions sent to your inbox, can be downloaded and kept forever!

  • Can I do this anywhere in the world?

    Meal Prep Makeover is completely delivered virtually. All you need is an internet connection, so that you can participate from anywhere in the world. The weekly live coaching call with Gina will be downloaded and sent straight to your inbox so you can watch it in your own time and still gain all of the coaching, tips and meal prep hacks that Gina shares.

  • What currency is the price listed in?

    U.S Dollars

  • Will everyone see me on the Zoom calls?

    Only if you choose to turn your camera video ON in your settings. Otherwise the attendees only see Gina.

  • Are recipes included in the program?

    Yes! That’s the exciting part! You will receive over 50+ recipes in this program that are meal prep friendly!

  • Is this a weight loss program?

    Weight loss may occur when you create healthier dietary changes but the focus here is really on planning and preparation. This is key to assist a weight loss journey by setting up your environment for success.

  • Are workouts included?

    This is a food preparation program only but teaming up nutrition and movement is a winning combo to not just weight loss but a healthier lifestyle, so I always encourage you to get some movement in alongside your nutrition!

  • I have dietary requirements, does this matter?

    Since there is no meal plan you are free to choose foods that suit you and your needs and always have the option to swap ingredients where needed.

  • I don’t have Facebook, can I still do the program?

    Yes! All of the program resources can be sent directly to your email address without the need for Facebook.
    However, Facebook is primarily used as the accountability tool to communicate with you each day. This is where you will get the support and encouragement from others in the program and where most of the check-ins are held.
    Another option some previous participants have done is to create a temporary Facebook profile for the duration of the 4 weeks, then delete once over.

  • Will I need equipment?

    You will need some basic kitchen equipment such as kitchen scales, measuring cups/spoons and bowls etc.
    For the technical side of things you will need an internet connection, email address, access to Facebook (as discussed above).