Change the way you eat in just
30 days

When it comes to healthy eating, learning the basics is everything.

But nutrition knowledge can feel overwhelming – Low fat? No Carbs? Cut calories? Intermittent fasting?

It doesn’t have to be.

With my 4-week Thrive Kickstart Challenge, you’ll learn exactly what makes up a healthy meal so that you can say goodbye to fad diets once and for all!

Not only will you learn what foods to put on your plate, you’ll also know how much – without having to use a calorie tracking app!

Each week, we’ll focus on a different component of the diet – Protein, Fibre, Carbs + Fats and finish on how to put it altogether on your plate. You’ll also get a small step nutrition challenge alongside this to get you putting everything you learn into practice.

Even better, when you start to make these changes, you’ll notice less cravings, less hunger pains and MORE energy – that’s a huge heck yes from me!

Does this
sound familiar?

  • You find it hard to keep the energy up with your health goals
  • You’ve tried a bunch of “diets” but can’t seem to stick to anything
  • Portion control is just too… hard
  • You’ve hit a plateau, and nothing is budging
  • You can’t resist the sugar cravings, hello 3pm energy slump!
  • You keep falling into bad eating habits
  • You find all the nutrition information so confusing that you don’t even know what’s good anymore!

If this sounds like you, then a KICKSTART is just what you need!

You’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to beat the cravings and make healthy food choices – forever.

What you’ll achieve with the Thrive Kickstart Challenge

  • Say GOODBYE to confusing nutrition messages and discover a way to eat for life so that you never fall for a fad diet again!
  • Manage portion control, without going hungry (and without having to track calories!)
  • Learn how to plate up a balanced meal to win back your energy, hello mood boost!
  • Find joy with your food so that you can say goodbye to relentless sugar cravings
  • The confidence to create your own nutritious meals

Important PSA

This is not a quick-fix fad diet! I’ve tried those and they don’t work long-term. This challenge is about teaching you the pillars of a healthy diet so you never have to feel confused by food again. Put in the effort short term and you’ll reap the rewards long-term!

What you’ll get:

  • 4x weekly nutrition challenges emailed directly to you via a PDF guide.

    • This is where the gold is at and better yet, they’re yours to keep for life.

  • 2x LIVE Zoom Coaching calls with yours truly, ME! This is your chance to ask me questions direct to get personalised feedback and coaching!

  • Check-ins to keep you on track (I’m talking weekly accountability Facebook check-ins and goals, plus time to celebrate your wins)

  • An amazing community Your private Facebook Group aka your ready-made cheer squad. Why do this journey alone?!


*Bonus* The Be Active Workout Calendar YOURS FREE!

You heard right! Receive the May Workout Calendar completely FREE when you join the challenge so that you can double the challenge and double the progress.

*Bonus* Weekly Recipes!

I’m all about setting you up for success so I have equipped you with recipes tailored to each week’s challenge (can I get a heck yes!).

Psst… have you seen this?

Here’s a sneak peak of your Thrive Kickstart Challenge breakdown

  • Week 1

    Pump Up Your Protein

    Get a better understanding of all the awesome things protein does for our body (spoiler alert – it’s not just for building muscle!) and how much we need each day to thrive.

  • Week 2

    Fix Your Fibre

    Learn all about the superpowers that are fibre and water and how they have such an important place in our daily diet.

  • Week 3

    Befriend Carbs & Fats

    It’s time to break the stigma around carbs and fats and understand why they should have a place in our diet. Learn how to find the right ratio of both and you’ll crush your weight loss and health goals.

  • Week 4

    Put It Altogether

    Learn how much to eat without having to track calories. This is a lifetime tool that will allow you to plate up a perfectly nourishing plate of food to keep you feeling your best.


testimonial group what theyre saying

here’s what some previous
THRIVERS have to say…

  • “I’ve learnt that it’s all about balance. Learning what keeps me satisfied. When I hit protein and fiber targets I am typically really satisfied and not hungry soon after.”

    — Diane

  • “I can actually lose weight eating more calories than what I ate on all the other weight loss programs I tried.”

    — Kareen

  • “I’m eating in a more mindful way and with a more balanced plate and I am finding that I am not eating that entire amount and I STILL feel full!”

    — Shelley

  • “My biggest takeaway is being able to not be that afraid of food…I fight to stop categorising food as good and bad, which is a HUGE change with my relationship with food.”

    — Venia

  • “I definitely feel so much better all around with my energy levels by eating better.”

    — Jan

  • “All I learned about Fiber and how it regulates my body was truly helpful when I started to pay attention to how my body was or wasn’t digesting food. The combination of water and fiber could make me feel better within just a few hours! It’s a game changer!”

    — Jackie

  • “I’m snacking less and even just feel more satisfied in general. I find I’m looking at my plate to see if it’s balanced!”

    — Karen

  • “It’s the best feeling knowing I can use the balanced plate method anywhere I go and still stay on track with my weight loss goals!”

    — Lauren

Countdown to healthier eating!

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  • When does the Thrive Kickstart Challenge start?

    The next challenge will officially kick off on Monday May 15th AEST, 2023 (this may be a Sunday depending on your time zone). This program is only run a few times per year with limited spots, so make sure you don’t miss out!

  • How long does the challenge run?

    The Thrive Kickstart challenge will start on Monday 15th May AEST (this may be Sunday 14th May depending on your time zone) and will run for 4 weeks finishing on Sunday 11th June.

  • How is the challenge run?

    It is delivered via a mix of PDF challenge guides full of the nutrition information as well as your challenge for that week. Accompanying this is 2 live video calls with me held on zoom and a private pop-up Facebook group with challenge check in posts to hold you accountable and answer any questions you may have.

  • How long will I have access to the challenge material?

    The PDF guides are yours to keep for life – just ensure you have downloaded and saved them to your computer. A downloadable copy of the live calls will also be sent to you via email. The Facebook group will close down 2 weeks after the challenge has ended.

  • Can I do this anywhere in the world?

    Absolutely! All you need is an internet connection and you can join!

  • What currency is the price listed in?

    U.S Dollars

  • Will everyone see me on the Zoom calls?

    It’s up to you! You can choose to show your camera ON or OFF whatever you feel more comfortable with.

  • Are recipes included in the program?

    I’ve jam packed this challenge with a punch so you’ll be receiving new recipes weekly corresponding to what we’re learning that week!

  • Are workouts included?

    You receive the May/June 30 day Be Active Workout Calendar FREE when you join the challenge so all of your exercise is sorted!

  • I have dietary requirements, does this matter?

    Not at all! The point of this challenge is to get you comfortable plating up a meal that is balanced and so you always have the option to swap ingredients in and out should you not be able to eat them.

  • I don’t have Facebook, can I still do the program?

    Yes! Everything will be sent to your email address and the live calls are on zoom so you have the option to do the challenge without Facebook, however this is where the support and accountability is mainly at, so if you’re comfortable doing it without that part, you absolutely can.