How To Choose The Best Diet

First things first: There is no best diet! So if you’ve been on the hunt for one, it’s best to get that out of your head right now!

First things first: There is no best diet! So if you’ve been on the hunt for one, it’s best to get that out of your head right now! HOWEVER! If you’re wanting to lose weight and never find it again there are definitely some tips and tricks that we have learnt along the way so keep reading to find them out!

Here’s why there is no best diet!

Unfortunately, when it comes to food, it’s never black and white but instead a lot of grey! We each have different nutritional requirements, tastes, some even with allergies that it’s impossible to have a one-size fits all diet. By the way, when we say diet we simply mean, the way we eat! On top of this, we all have different goals making it even more difficult again.

So you might be thinking right now “but surely there are some general rules I can follow” and you’re right – but we like to call these guiding principles rather than rules because when it comes to food, rules usually mean certain foods are off-bounds and we don’t believe in any food that can’t fit!

Here are some of our guiding principles when it comes to diets!

1. Focus on protein. You’ve probably heard of this time and time again, especially if you’re part of our upBEat Facebook Tribe, but protein really is Queen! It keeps us fuller for longer, curbs cravings, helps us maintain healthy muscles and bones the list goes on!

2. Don’t be afraid of Carbs and Fats. It’s all about creating a balanced meal. Ensuring that you have protein, fats and carbs in each meal is again going to make sure you have a meal that will give you the energy to last you from breakfast to lunch or lunch to dinner!

3. Drink more water! This is one that is often overlooked. Drinking water is underrated but it really shouldn’t be! A hydrated body is able to function as efficiently as possible – and water plays a role in many critical processes, including digestion, brain function, energy levels, waste removal, muscle function, metabolism and more.

4. Tune into your hunger and fullness cues. Learning to tune into our hunger and fullness is really so beneficial, especially when on a weight loss journey. It allows us to identify when we might be eating out of emotion such as boredom or stress or eating because we are genuinely hungry. It also helps us avoid hangry level of hunger where we binge at the site of any food!

5. Eat Chocolate!! Or donuts if that’s your jam! For us it’s all about 80/20 – 80% nutritious foods and 20% less nutritious or ‘fun foods’. When food is off-bounds, you crave it even more so than before. This is why we don’t agree with elimination of foods, it’s all about making it fit sensibly!

Bottom line is that ALL FOODS FIT! It’s just about finding out how that looks to suit your individual goals. There really is no need to remove any food group from our diet (unless of course it is for a medical reason).


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