upbEATS Series: Renee Sahyoun | Owner, Squad Gym

Renee is an absolute girl boss who my husband actually introduced me to, knowing that I would absolutely love her ethos and mentality toward training and let me say, he was absolutely spot on!

Our second feature of the upbEATS series and inspiring human is the gorgeous Renee Sahyoun. Renee is an absolute girl boss who my husband actually introduced me to, knowing that I would absolutely love her ethos and mentality toward training and let me say, he was absolutely spot on! Renee and I connected on so many levels after my first consultation and has in fact been my trainer for over a year now, not to mention an ex dancer too! Renee totally changed my approach to strength training and made me fall in love with gym training, something I used to oppose. I totally related to her flexible attitude and most importantly the space that she created that just feels so inviting. I realised that it wasn’t so much the gym itself that I hated but more about the community and people around you within that space that really makes the difference, which is something that I also encourage within my own community.

Let’s get to know Renee a little more!

Renee Sahyoun – Owner, Squad Gym

Renee was born in Sydney, Australia and is the youngest of 4! A seasoned traveller, Renee has moved around the world for work as a dancer in her earlier days but has since settled back in Sydney with her husband Steven and French Bulldog Ross!! Renee now owns a Commercial Gym in Sydney where she is lucky enough to coach members fave to face. Renee also has an online personal training platform where she coaches people from all around the world (told you she was an absolute girl boss!).

What movement MOVES you?

Being a dancer at heart, I love to be active. My favourite style of training is resistance weight training and walking. Movement in general evokes so many positives for me, that it’s something that is a huge priority in my life. There’s no mood that can’t be fixed with a little Beyonce and a sweat.

What’s your key ethos when it comes to nutrition?

Nutrition must be sustainable and a lifelong choice. Moderation is key! I also believe that at some stage in your life, you should calorie count as an educational experience. Not to do for the rest of your life, but more to create awareness on the values of some foods, so you can make the choice if it’s really worth it or not. Also some foods are considered ‘healthy’ when really they are jammed full of calories, sometimes more than foods considered ‘naughty’. Education is the way forward when wanting to make better choices with your food. But for me nothing is off bounds, and portion control always wins 🙂

What is your ultimate go-to fun food?

I love going out for breakfast. Fill me up on bacon and eggs, avocado and fried mushrooms with sourdough and a freshly squeezed orange juice. Nothing sets my weekend off better than eating breakfast out at my favourite cafe.

What is your absolute no.1 recipe that hits the spot every time?

My meal prep for work is bolognese beef mince with peas, leafy greens, turmeric and cajun spice with basmati rice. I generally do a big cook up for the week and get 5 lunches out of it. Get the recipe here!

Day on a plate


Home cooked eggs on toast with avocado and fresh tomato 😃 It doesn’t look like anything special but it has everything I need to start the day. Also, I always have a half full, long black too!


Salmon Fillet, strawberries, cucumber, apple and sweet potato. Crazy combo but super delicious!


Home cooked pizzas!!! Here I just used a normal wrap, tomato paste, fresh ham, pineapple, fresh tomato and mushrooms. Topped with shredded cheese. So delicious and from memory this was only around 350 cals. If I had under eaten for the day I would have 2!!


Snacks during the day depending on how I feel. If I feel like something sweet, I’ll have some fruit or some chocolate. But generally my afternoon snack needs to carry me over to dinner so it looks more like a mini meal.

Where can our community find you?

Renee’s Website: www.squadgym.com.au
Follow Renee on the daily on Instagram: @renee_squadgym_co


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