5 ways to Make Your Morning Toast Shine

I of all people know that there’s nothing more deliciously smelling than humble bread being toasted in the morning, it’s almost a right of passage for the way you start your day.

I of all people know that there’s nothing more deliciously smelling than humble bread being toasted in the morning, it’s almost a right of passage for the way you start your day. However, what baffles me is the cruel manner in which we lather it with butter and jam and think this is going to satisfy, wrong… Not only will this topping spike your blood sugar, but it will absolutely make you hungry in roughly 5 minutes after inhaling it!

I’m all about creating better healthier options that not only keep our taste buds happy but actually keep you feeling fuller for longer without taking its toll on our calorie count. So here are 5 of my top go to ways to make your toast toppings healthy & delicious!

Avocado Smash

Calories per toast serve (using white sourdough at 150 cals) = approx. 275

Of course Avocado toast certainly had to be at the top of my list! Full of the good stuff; healthy fats, fibre & potassium to name a few, it certainly takes my toast to the next level. Mash and Mix ½ an avocado, ¼ lemon juice and a generous amount of salt & pepper to season. For some Mediterranean vibes and to make it even fancier; top your smashed avocado mixture with slices of fresh radish and a sprinkle of sumac & a hint of chilli.

Strawberries & Cream

Calories per toast serve (using white sourdough at 150 cals) = approx 270

To help curb your sweet tooth with a healthier option, I absolutely love pairing strawberries and ricotta as a topping. About ¼ cup of fresh ricotta will work perfectly for 1-2 slices of toast. I prefer opting for the full fat version to help keep me satiated and also it’s a great way to get some protein worked into your toast. Add the sliced strawberries on top and for a little extra zing, sprinkle with a dusting of cinnamon.

Hummus Delight

Calories per toast serve (using white sourdough at 150 cals )= approx. 240

My Hummus, tomato & dukkah toast is not only a great option to have in the morning, but a great option for anytime of the day. With the added benefits of the awesome fibre from the hummus, this topping is also great for being a light, but filling toast option. The dukkah sprinkled over the slices of tomato, adds that X factor to this dish. Try to find store bought hummus with the least ingredients and preservatives possible. There are even some options that are made with olive oil rather than canola or sunflower oil, which is always a better find. Alternatively try making your own with this easy recipe from Jamie Oliver. Use about 1 tablespoon of hummus per toast slice.

Russian Rye

Calories per toast serve (using black dutch rye at 130 cals) = approx. 250

Smoked Salmon, dill & cucumber on rye toast is definitely a typical way I start my day. With my Ukrainian background, my parents always had lots of smoked salmon and rye bread in our household. Smoked salmon is a perfect way to get your filling protein in and those metabolism-boosting omega 3s. Pair it up with sliced cucumber, fresh dill and spritz over lemon juice. It’s the perfect way to have toast anytime of the day. Skip the cream cheese to avoid overdoing the calories.

PB & B

Calories per toast serve (using white sourdough) = approx. 250

Finally my list can’t be complete without my favourite peanut butter and banana toast. PB for me is everything, can’t live without it! But don’t overdo it as it’s easy to go over on your calories. Stick to no more than a ½ a tablespoon of peanut butter and half a banana per serving size. I also often substitute peanut butter for almond butter, so that’s another nut butter option. For extra oomph sprinkle a dash of cinnamon over the top.

A Side Note

I have to be honest here in saying i’m also a bit of bread snob. Whilst I fully believe cutting out carbs is just plain crazy, I also feel that we need to be more selective with our choices and bread is one of those carbs that we often just choose any kind.

Where possible try to opt for a sourdough option from a local bakery over commercial bread. Due to its creation from a fermentation process, basically this means we can digest this type of bread easier, the micronutrients released during this process can help reduce bloating and digestive discomfort thus it will keep our tummies happy.

Studies have also shown it can keep us feeling fuller for longer, so it’s a win win all around! If you must go store bought I always stick to wholegrain Rye bread, it’s super dense and full of fibre. Always look at the ingredients, there shouldn’t be a long exhaustive list. The brand I buy here in Australia is “The Dutch Company Whole Grain Ryebread”. It contains whole rye meal, whole rye flour, water, salt & yeast, that’s it! No nasty preservatives.

Of course if you are coeliac, thus gluten intolerant, then your gluten free bread would be your option or perhaps even using brown rice cakes as your base can be a lower calorie alternative. I’m not gluten intolerant but I often use rice cakes as an lower calorie alternative to bread for an easy snack option.


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