THRIVING Amongst the Chaos #2020IsNotCancelled !!

So it kind of seems like we woke up one morning and 2020 was cancelled. Everything is changing so rapidly and our lives were turned upside down in a few short weeks – and the habits we have been working so hard to cultivate over the past few months or year(s) seem almost unimportant now.

So it kind of seems like we woke up one morning and 2020 was cancelled. Everything is changing so rapidly and our lives were turned upside down in a few short weeks – and the habits we have been working so hard to cultivate over the past few months or year(s) seem almost unimportant now. Our lives have been strewn across the room, thrown into chaos and confusions – who has time to think about our weight loss goals now?! YOU should. Because this is a blip in time; albeit a crazy, unknown time and it’s time to accept, adapt and change our habits and lifestyle to make sure that we are supporting ourselves and our goals as much as possible.

This blog is going to echo the Christmas blog a little bit, with a sprinkling of our first challenge this year to be honest; in that I want to encourage you to keep working towards your goals, no matter what they are. It’s important to create and maintain a structure for yourself, a routine that you can adapt and change over the coming weeks and months that still has your goals in mind.

Yes, some big changes have been made. You are probably stuck in your house, shopping once a week, and working from home. But you have a roof over your head, the ability to connect with your loves one over the internet and phone and food to eat! Taking a moment each day to practise gratitude is an essential component of ‘getting through’ this difficult time.

Maybe you have been stressed, busy, and adjusting your life – maybe this has resulted in a bit of weight gain. Is that the end of the world? Absolutely not – that is totally okay. It will not hinder your journey – remember, progress is NEVER linear! It’s important to be kind to yourself right now and acknowledge the difficulties you have been going through.

Reframing your mindset and thinking about the best way to adapt your routine to create a  new structure key to rebuilding your foundations. And there are a few key components to build on from there – you can still reach your goals this year, and I’m here to help.


Instead of looking at it as chaos, look at it as ‘forced time to slooooooow down’. Normally we are out all hours of the day, working, shopping, getting ready, meeting friends, meeting family, going to the gym, going for walks.. you get the gist! All of these little movements throughout the day – even fidgeting – counts towards your total NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis), or ‘incidental exercise’. Increasing this will lead to increased metabolism, reduced blood pressure and reduced risk of heart disease, and benefit your general overall wellbeing. NEAT can account for as little as 15% of your daily energy expenditure and up to 50%! If you implement some small changes into your day to day life to increase your incidental exercise, you WILL make noticeable improvements in your weight loss journey as well as how you feel inside.

So right now, increasing your NEAT may look a little different – try adding in some squats or lunges during calls (not on Zoom calls though!) and having a cup of water instead of the bottle so you have to get up to refill it. Walk laps around your backyard, reorganise your closet or pantry, clean the bathroom… all of these count towards building up your NEAT. Basically, keep moving!

On movement – that’s another crucial component! Keep moving – it will help keep your body in shape and it will also keep you sane. I would either set yourself a (realistic) step goal for the day or aim for 30 minutes of daily movement at a minimum. Include a variety of movements and make sure it’s movement that you love! You don’t have to let yourself go right now, just because it’s difficult.

Remember our first challenge this year? Integrating mindful eating back into your life, if it has slipped away a bit, is so important as well. Take your time to eat, realise and recognise hunger signals and satiation, and take the time to look at how you eat. Minimise distractions. You may even have more time these days to sloooowww down and take your time eating mindfully. This will ensure you are still eating the correct portions for you, and make you feel fuller for longer (which is helpful if you are feeling snacky lately, like me!)

Set yourself hydration goals and a water schedule throughout the day, like we are currently doing in this week’s challenge. This will aid in digestion as well as satiation, again, leading to less snacking! A hydrated body will be much more efficient and help you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Ensuring that your current environment supports your goals will be integral to you achieving these goals. Now is NOT the time to give up – it’s just time for a little spring clean of your routine – adapt and change. Having structure in your day and in your journey will support you and allow you to THRIVE. We are here to support your goals, with a new, upcoming PREMIUM challenge run by myself and my team of professionals, to help you stay on track, teach you the fundamentals, and hold you accountable. Oh and we are definitely here to make you SMILE too. Sounding pretty good? Sign up here to be the first to know about the launch! 

2020 is still on guys, there are still plenty of opportunities this year to achieve your goals. You’ve got this and we’ve got YOU! I know that it’s hard right now, so please remember to be kind to yourself as well. If you go off the rails one day, it’s OKAY – don’t beat yourself up. Don’t force yourself to work out if you are SO sore and only doing it because you feel like you have to. Try to teach yourself to live a balanced lifestyle, practise moderation and make sure that you are tuning in to what your body wants and needs.


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