8 Unbelievably Easy Tricks To Get Started Working Out

Exercising can be intimidating for anyone, and if your weight is leading to self-esteem issues or you’re just plain inexperienced, it can be tough!

1. Overcome Your Fears, Start At Home!

Exercising can be intimidating for anyone, and if your weight is leading to self-esteem issues or you’re just plain inexperienced, you might be particularly concerned that people are staring or judging you. Even if the reality is that people are focused on themselves, it can still present a roadblock to getting started. So, a great way to bypass these issues, is to start at home!

2. Start Small (But Think Big), So You’ll Stick With It

We all know how ruthlessly efficient and had working the Japanese are. But why are they like this? Maybe it has something to do with their concept of Kaizen. Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy that roughly translates to “change for better” but can be more generally thought of as meaning small continuous steps, lead to improvement. So, applying this advice to us, we like to say, start small but think big! Start with small doable workouts and continue doing them, improving and extending them along the way. As opposed to starting with something complex and difficult, where you will likely give up a few days in. Ultimately I always say, the best exercise is the one that you will actually do!

3. Have A Plan So You Know Exactly What To Do

Don’t let your brain talk your body out of moving. In the digital age, we often experience too much choice. This can be overwhelming and we can end up with what’s commonly called “analysis paralysis”, where we over-think the benefits of each different choice to the point that no action is ever taken! Well, if you’re reading this, we can help make the decision for you. It just so happens that we’ve put together tonnes of great free workouts for absolute beginners! Head over to our Free Workouts to get started.

4. Join A Community With Like Minded People

As we said above, starting exercise can be intimidating and overwhelming. Interaction with other like minded people going through the same can be really helpful! Just a few benefits are:

Support & Discussion: Ask questions, no matter how simple you think they are. We are all continuously learning.
Venting: Share some of your frustrations, you may be surprised how many are going through the same thing.
Encouragement & Accountability: Let others help you achieve your goals.
Share your results: It’s ok to praise your achievements, often they can be really motivating for others at a different stage to you.

If you are interested in giving this a go, our FaceBook group – upBEat Tribe is a really positive, non-threatening way to dip your feet into the water. We would love for you to come over and say hello!

5. Let Music Help You Stay Motivated

Music can be an awesome and powerful force. It’s a well studied scientific fact that it awakens our nervous system, fires up our heart rate, and gets us ready to move. I’m sure you’ve seen all those professional athletes with their ear phones in before a big race! We are absolute believers that music is such a key motivator in getting you moving, that not only is it a part of all our workouts, we make you move to the beat, using those patterns to increase and decrease your pace without you even thinking about it!

6. But Never Beat Yourself Up If You Quit

Remember, life is a marathon, not a race. Losing weight and getting healthy is one of the most common goals and resolutions people make with themselves (particularly at New Years). Yet tons of studies have shown that on average people give up within 3-4 weeks of starting (link). Like we said above, any big goal will take some time to achieve, so if you fall off the wagon, it’s not a big deal. Trust me when I say, we’ve all been there before! It’s at these times of “failure” that we need to summon the power of positive thinking and be the strongest within ourselves. We are huge believers in the power of mindset and are really excited to give you guys a lot more material on this in the future. So stay tuned.

7. And Remember, Don’t Just Exercise To Lose Weight

An obvious outcome of regular exercise is an improvement in your physique, but in reality that’s only the tip of the iceberg. I know you guys have all read articles listing all the positives. But just to reinforce the message, expect things like:

– Feeling happier because of the endorphins your body will release.
– Better sleep and be more relaxed.
– Having more energy.
– Improving your strength.
– Decreasing potential medical issues such as chronic pain and heart disease risk.

8. Finally, For Long Term Change, Work Towards Building A Habit. Start By Scheduling It In.

It’s been shown that you are way more likely to stick with something if you make it a habit. Make something a regular part of your life and create a routine for long term change. The first step in creating a habit is turning something into a routine by scheduling it into your life. Look over your week and schedule in your workout time into your calendar. Creating positive habits are a big part of mindset, so head over and check out our article on the power of habits now

I really hope this helps you guys get started in making small steps towards whatever goal you may have! As always please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions, we love hearing from you.


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